Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not a Green Leaf in Sight

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about all the shaky green leaf hints that I had for my Ancestry private tree. Once I cleared these hints I deleted that tree that was waaaaay out of date and uploaded a new one.

Now I have a leafless tree. Every few days I go into Ancestry in case there is a little green leaf waving at me but in the three weeks since I planted that new tree on Ancestry it has remained leafless. It is spring down here in Australia and all the deciduous trees are sprouting new growth. I hope my Ancestry tree follows suit.

Why isn't my Ancestry tree leafy like the trees in my garden?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


As you may have previously read Mr GeniAus and I are in the process of decrapifying our home. After nearly 45 years of marriage and with few moves we have acculumated a lot of stuff. 

As I was packing our green and white kitchen dinnerware into a box today my mind wandered back to its aquisition. Quite a number of years ago my Aunty Kath, my mother and mother-in-law were  decrapifying so they passed on their collection of Grindley Hotelware to us. As this stuff is virtually indestructible we still have 36 dinner plates (3 sizes), coupes, bread and butter plates and cups and saucers in the set. I never use my other everyday plates, my fun chicken dinnersets or my four posh sets. 

Family members all had sets of this crockery because my Uncle Jack imported and sold the  Grindley Hotelware through his hotel supplies firm so they got it at a good price.

As I was packing the stuff into boxes this morning I pondered on the thirty odd years of good service the plates have given us and the many family celebrations that they have witnessed, I guess they could tell some tales. In a way I am sorry to see those plates go because of the memories they dredge up and I know that their pristine white replacements will not survive as well in my kitchen and dishwasher. 

I am pleased to report that the plates are moving on to another family home where I know they will give many more years of faithful service.

Friday, September 12, 2014

People Places Stories

Our state family history conference commenced today and is on over the weekend but I am not there. I had a more important appointment with two of my Grandsons at Grandparents' day at their school this morning.
With the boys at school today

We had a fantastic concert from the boys and then we were invited to the classrooms to see their work before we had a picnic lunch with them.

When I checked out one of the classrooms I was reminded of my last visit to the school. I was thrilled to find a report of that visit on a notice board, I could hardly contain my excitement as it brought back memories of a happy hour I spent with the Year 1 classes in April this year.

Report on school notice board
 In our state of New South Wales the children study family history in Year 1 and again in Year 6. I was privileged to be able to tell the boys about genealogy and family history.

I dug into the family photo archives (my son came along to watch and take pictures) for some more memories of the day, see them below.

Family History is about People Places Stories

Baby brother wasn't too impressed with my talk
Should you get a chance to get into a classroom and share your passion for family history then I suggest you grab the opportunity.

Family History in the Modern Era - WYONG FAMILY HISTORY GROUP Inc

A beaut report from Wyong Family History Group on the recent workshop I facilitated there.

Family History in the Modern Era - WYONG FAMILY HISTORY GROUP Inc:

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