Sunday, February 1, 2015

GeniAus Geneavlog - These Few Lines

I'm giving my fingers a rest today so have recorded my blog post, a book review, on Youtube.

The bibliographic details for the book in question can be found at the NLA. Apologies for the booboo I made in the broadcast where I quoted an incorrect title for the book (I am blaming stage fright).

You will need to turn your sound up to listen to the recording as (for a change) I was speaking quietly.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Conference Ready - Attend to your blogs

It is so easy to nelgect your blogs when you are involved in conference activities.

One goes to conferences with every intention of blogging while there but when one gets swept up in the hype of conference activities and involved in discussions and socialising with old and new friends our blogs are neglected.

At events like Rootstech and The AFFHO Congress for my GeniAus blog I resort to blog posts with lots of images and little text. I am not going to let my blogging get in the way of  my conferencing activities. Another option is to post short vlog posts (if you can find a good enough gree connection to do so).

But what of my other genealogy related blogs?  I write a few posts in advance and schedule them for the time I am away (I do this when I take long holidays too). I don't go overboard but just plan a post per week to keep the blogs on people's radars.

Part of my travel plans always includes attending to my blogs. These last few days have found me busily writing and scheduling posts.

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 30 January 2015

Here I am again with a selection of posts from my RSS feeeds this week. I hope you enjoy my selections which include several posts from across the oceans.

1. Amy challenges us to go beyond the usual five records when researching our ancestors.

2. Judy writes about a WW1 soldiers effects.

3. So I am biased, some of my convicts also came from the Hawkesbury area.

4. As a former librarian I love to hear of successful library projects.

5. Sharon discovers that the puzzling word was Kidnapped.

7. Alona from Gould Genealogy reminds us to pay it forward.

8. US based Australian blogger, Matt, writes about the man he thought was his grandfather.

9. 70 years on Jo Ann reflects on Auschwitz..

10. My mate at Moruya Historical Society has whetted my appetite for a visit to Canberra.

11. I appreciate the trouble to people at TNA, Kew go to to preserve records for us to use.

12. Another expat's blog post has convinced me that I must visit this Museum next time I have an opportunity to visit Singapore.


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